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SIBA - Salzburg International Ballet Academy



SIBA - Salzburg International Ballet Academy was founded in 2004 by

Prof. Peter Breuer, a distinguished figure who serves as the Principal and Artistic Advisor of the Salzburg Ballet at the State Theatre of Salzburg and is also the Resident Choreographer of the Europaballett St. Pölten.


SIBA offers a diverse range of dance programs, including its "Coaching for Excellence" and a longstanding "Summer Dance Intensive," formerly known as the "SIBA Ballet Workshop." In 2023, this esteemed program has been reimagined as the "Summer Dance Intensive Program: Phoenix."


SIBA is meticulously designed to immerse dancers in a theatrical working environment, providing comprehensive preparation for both off-stage and on-stage theatrical dance experiences. This encourages them to delve into and exhibit their artistry while being dedicated to the creation of high-caliber artistic productions featuring international artists. Our ultimate goal is to share these inspiring journeys with a global audience.

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Our Believe


SIBA believes that dance artists in today's theatrical dance requirements should receive versatile training to produce "the bottom of ballet and the top of contemporary dance."

Dance comes to life through our bodies. As expressive human beings, we carry the power to concretize incredible imaginations and create different types of bridges to connect ideas. If our perception is not aesthetic in nature, it is then a tasteless recognition, merely mechanical. This topic led the faculty of our dance intensive program to introduce specific methods of training dance artists, as each is an individual. Each dancing body is not isolated physically by coincidence because of space; on the contrary, they all are potentially linked, and our undertaking is to assist dance artists in finding those very meanings for it.

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SIBA - Salzburg International Ballett Academy


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