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Ballet Dancers

Classes & Gala Performances Requirements


SIBA's Summer Dance Intensive Phoenix 2023

SIBA offers participants the opportunity in the gala performances to present dance works (self-choreographed or choreographed by others) that they have brought with them. The dance works can be any kind of theatrical dance form, such as classical ballet repertoire/variations, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, or jazz dance works.


Participants’ solo performances are subject to audition with the SIBA faculty. Some of the costumes for the shows will be supplied by SIBA.

For Classes

Please bring the dancewear that is necessary and sufficient for the two weeks of dance classes consisting of ballet, contemporary dance, and hip-hop. For example, leotards, tights, leg warmers, ballet slippers, at least 2 pairs of point shoes for female participants, t-shirts, dance pants, shoes for hip-hop dance, and anything else you usually take to your dance classes.


*The dance/ballet shop in Salzburg will be closed for the summer.

For Gala Performances

  • Female participants:

    • Skin color dance underwear, such as leotards, tops, and panties.

    • Skin color and black dance shorts.

    • 2 sets of black and 1 set of white leotards.

    • Black ballet tights.

    • 1 pair of black ballet tights that can be rolled up to the knees.

    • Skin color and pink ballet tights.

    • 2 pairs of ballet slippers, 1 pair in black, and 1 pair in skin color.

    • At least 2 pairs of pointe shoes.

  • Male participants:

    • Skin color and black dance belts.

    • Skin color and black dance shorts.

    • At least 1 pair of black pants down to the ankle, such as jazz pants. 

    • Black and white ballet tights.

    • 1 pair of black ballet tights that can be rolled up to the knees.

    • 3 pairs of ballet slippers, 1 pair in black, 1 pair in skin color, and 1 pair in white.

  • Participants’ own dance (solo) pieces:

    • Participants’ own costumes (if have any) for classical repertoire and/or modern, contemporary dance works.

  • Music: 

    • High-resolution audio recordings: SIBA expects audio files with greater than 44.1 kHz sample rate or higher than 16-bit audio bit depth.

    • SIBA does not accept live recordings or music recorded directly from the internet, such as YouTube.

    • Please check if the copyright of the music is owned.

    • Please give the music files to SIBA in the form of a CD or USB flash drive/USB stick.

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