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Monica Fotescu


Originating from the vibrant city of Bucharest, Romania, Monica Fotescu embarked on her dance journey at the Romanian State Ballet School and furthered her expertise at the Academie de Dance Classique in Monte Carlo. Her illustrious career has seen her perform in prestigious venues in Nancy, Düsseldorf, and as a first soloist in Meiningen. Since Autumn 2003, she has been enchanting audiences at the Theater Dortmund, excelling as both a lead dancer and a choreographic assistant.

Monica made a notable choreographic debut with "Casanova" in Bucharest in 2006, showcasing her talent for blending with neo-classical ballet. This unique style is evident in her various shows, including "Inhouse," capturing the hearts of international audiences in over 15 countries.

In addition to her dance career, Monica has significantly contributed to dance therapy. After discovering Sophrology at the Monte Carlo Dance Academy, she obtained a master's degree in Sophrology from Liège and Andorra. She innovatively combined this with psychotherapy to develop the renowned dance therapy method "ChoreoSophrology," now practiced in countries like France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and Germany.

Monica is also a skilled instructor of the GYROKINESIS® Method, a unique movement system that emphasizes spinal flexibility and strength, incorporating rhythmic, flowing sequences akin to dance. This method enhances body awareness, increases range of motion, and improves overall coordination. By integrating the GYROKINESIS® Method into her teaching and practice, Monica offers a holistic approach to movement, emphasizing the connection between physical and mental well-being.

Her teaching journey is as impressive as her dance career, with roles at the Ballettschule Vieru in Schweinfurt, the Meiningen Theater, Ballettschule Fotescu, and in workshops like the SIBA’s Summer Dance Intensive in Salzburg and the International Romanian Ballet Summer Workshop.

Monica's talent has earned her the first prize in the "Oleg Danovski" International Competition in 1996 and several nominations for "Best Dancer in NRW," Germany. Fluent in Romanian, German, English, and French, she is a founding member of the Romanian Dance Union and a member of the International Dance Council (CID) at UNESCO.

At SIBA, experience Monica Fotescu's unique blend of dance, therapy, and the GYROKINESIS® Method. Explore how ChoreoSophrology and holistic movement can enrich a dancer's skills and enhance their overall well-being.


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