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Paula Percivalle, M.A.

Classical and Modern Dance

Paula Percivalle is a distinguished dance educator and choreographer from Rosario, Argentina, renowned for her profound impact on the classical and modern dance scenes both locally and internationally. Paula embarked on her dance journey at the Superior Dance School “Ana Pavlova” of the Young Men’s Christian Association in 1981, where she laid the foundation for a lifelong career in dance.

Under the tutelage of Martha Lozano, Paula continued her studies at the Institute of Dance and Body Expression and Movement (IDAM) in Rosario, earning her Master’s Degree in Classical and Modern Dance in 1995. Further enriching her expertise, she studied at the Cuban Ballet School of Rosario, under the direction of Marlen Puello, from 1997 to 2002.

Paula’s international experience is highlighted by her studies in Blanes, Catalonia, Spain, where she earned qualifications from the Royal Academy of Dancing in London between 2003 and 2005. She completed her formal education with a Bachelor’s Degree in Choreography and Dance Interpretation Techniques from the Superior Dance Conservatory of Malaga, Spain, in 2011.

Professionally, Paula has been integral to several prestigious dance companies, including IDAM Ballet, Cuba Ballet de Rosario, The Neoclassical Company of Catalonia, Dantrio Danza, La Compania H, and Fernando Hurtado Company. Her roles have spanned from performer to choreographer, leaving a significant mark on the dance communities in Argentina and Europe.

In 2013, Paula founded Compañía Interna in Rosario, which she artistically directs. This company is dedicated to exploring spiritual experiences in artistic expression. Compañía Interna debuted with “¿Por qué, Alma Mía, esa Esperanza?” and has since presented performances globally, employing the Peter Deno Method in its creative and educational endeavors.

Paula’s organizational prowess is evident from her coordination of major cultural events such as Festixpaz, the Dance Festival at the European Days for Dialogue between Cultures, Stop Malaria, and the European Humanist Forum in Milan. She has also demonstrated a strong commitment to dance research and education, notably by inaugurating her own dance academy in collaboration with the SIBA - Salzburg Academy for Ballet and Contemporary Dance, and nurturing young dancers in Rosario and Totoras through Cuba Ballet Rosario.

Recognized for her pedagogical acumen, Paula excels in teaching both classical and modern dance. Her ability to create and direct choreographic works highlights her adaptability and leadership, ensuring her reputation as a luminary in the global dance community.


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