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The "Coaching for Excellence" weekend program, supplemented by select intensive weeks and private weekday tutoring sessions, is meticulously designed to offer both technical dance training and holistic development for dancers. Its goal is to equip participants to excel in the professional theatrical dance arena. This focus reflects our commitment to nurturing diverse dance talents and ensuring a smooth transition into the theatrical dance industry. The program's curriculum covers:

  • Holistic Training:

To offer a diverse range of dance training in ballet and contemporary dance, complemented with classical Chinese dance techniques and Taijiquan.

  • Transition Guidance:

To assist young dancers from various dance genres in transitioning to the theatrical dance field, recognizing the versatility and potential they bring.

  • Professional Preparedness/Dance-Related Academics:

To equip young dance professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to enter the world of theatrical dance with confidence.


  • Conducive Scheduling:

Our intensive weekend design ensures that dancers can strike a balance between academic pursuits and a rigorous theatrical dance immersion.

  • Illustrious Faculty:

Access the wealth of knowledge and expertise from SIBA's top-tier faculty, each bringing invaluable professional experience to the table.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum:

Beyond technical prowess, our holistic approach prepares dancers for the multifaceted challenges they'll face in the professional dance world. Our training not only encompasses various dance techniques but also ensures dancers are mentally equipped and industry-ready.

  • Deep Dance Immersion:

Merging traditions with contemporary, and theory with practicality, all geared towards a professional dance career.

Provisional Dates for the Weekend Program:


  • October

07 & 08 & 21 & 22


  • November

04 & 05 & 18 & 19


  • December

02 & 03 & 16 & 17



  • January

13 & 14 & 27 & 28


  • February

10 & 11 & 24 & 25


* The above dates may be subject to change.

** The dates after February are to be determined.


A prior dance training of at least 3 to 4 years.

Selection Process:

Applicants will be evaluated based on their submitted application, dance resume, and a potential audition process.

Please Note:

The timeframe and content of the program are subject to minor modifications by SIBA as deemed necessary.

Terms and Conditions:

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In-depth Dance Training
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