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Ascend to new heights in your dance career with our Dance Vision program, offering unparalleled advanced training and access to professional stages.



The 2024-2025 Full-Year Program:

  • Begins on September 16, 2024.

  • Concludes in August 2025 with the Summer Dance Intensive "Phoenix 2025."


14 and up*


Intermediate & Advanced



Elevate your ballet skills with sophisticated techniques inspired by the esteemed Cuban and Vaganova ballet methods. Our holistic training encompasses pointe work and specialized men's techniques, all aimed at refining your precision and grace in every movement.


Explore a unique contemporary dance style that seamlessly integrates the dynamism of Western modern dance with the nuanced elegance of Classical Chinese Dance Techniques and the flowing harmony of Tai Chi, offering a distinctive and enriching movement experience.


Experience the thrill of performing classical ballet and contemporary dance pieces, enriching your stage presence.


Unlock your creative potential with choreography and improvisation, celebrating your unique artistic voice.



Embrace comprehensive wellness strategies, including nutrition, mental health, and cross-training such as Pilates, yoga, and body conditioning, alongside theoretical insights into dance anatomy and history.


"Dance Vision," SIBA’s flagship program, represents the pinnacle of dance education in Austria, seamlessly blending the precision of ballet with the expressive freedom of contemporary dance. The program is specifically designed for students who aspire to pursue dance as their professional calling. As SIBA's latest initiative, "Dance Vision" builds on the academy's rich heritage of dance education, aiming to become a cornerstone of vocational dance training. This program is crafted to bridge the gap between dance education and professional practice, catering to the aspirations of young adults and professionals aged 14 and above. The "Dance Vision" Professional Program herald the inception of our all-encompassing dance education for the 2024-2025 academic year, starting this September. Both programs conclude with SIBA's annual summer dance intensive program, "Phoenix 2025," in August 2025, which offers participants performance opportunities within an intensive summer program. Designed for those dedicated to dance as their professional calling, these programs provide in-depth training and readiness for the wide array of career opportunities available in the upcoming school year.

*Participants under 18 years of age must have consent from their legal guardians.


A comprehensive 5-day training regimen, conducted each weekday and comprising 16 units per week, lies at the heart of "Dance Vision." This curriculum is expertly designed to blend the disciplined foundations of ballet with the dynamic creativity of contemporary dance, exemplifying SIBA's dedication to holistic dance education. The vocational program is thoughtfully structured to provide students with the critical skills, techniques, and artistic sensibilities necessary for professional success in the dance industry.*


  • Ballet Technique Training: Master the precision and discipline of ballet using the renowned Vaganova and Cuban methods, which form the backbone of our technical training.

    • 5 units a week.

  • Pointe Work and Men's Technique: Specialized sessions focus on perfecting pointe work and men’s ballet techniques, emphasizing strength and agility to support advanced ballet movements.

    • 2 units a week.

  • Dance Repertoire: Engage with a vast array of classical ballet and contemporary dance pieces, improving versatility and depth in performance.

    • 2 units a week.

  • Character Dance Training: Delve into the vibrant traditions of character dance, blending folkloric and theatrical styles to enrich performance skills and convey diverse cultural narratives.

    • 1 unit a week.

  • Contemporary Dance Training: Immerse in the fluidity and creative innovation of contemporary dance, broadening your artistic expression.

    • 2 units a week.

  • Improvisation & Contact Improvisation: Discover the art of spontaneous movement through improvisation and connect improvisation with other dancers in the dynamic exchange of contact improvisation.

    • 1 unit a week.

  • Composition: Learn the craft of dance composition, developing your ability to create original choreography and express your personal artistic vision.

    • 1 unit a week.

  • Somatic Practices & Body Conditioning: Incorporate Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, ChoreoSophrology, and the GYROKINESIS® Method into your routine to enhance bodily awareness and overall well-being.

    • 2 units a week.

  • Additional Dance Science: We round out our curriculum with elements of nutrition, mental health, biomechanics, and anatomy to ensure a well-rounded approach to dancer health and career longevity.

    • 1 unit a month.***

  • Summer Dance Intensive "Phoenix 2025" & Dance Gala "Spotlight 2025": The 2024-2025 Full-Year Program will culminate in the annual SIBA Summer Dance Intensive "Phoenix 2025" and Dance Gala "Spotlight 2025."

*Our weekly schedule is structured to offer around 17 units of immersive dance training. Please note that the actual number of units may vary slightly due to Austrian public holidays, during which classes will be suspended unless essential rehearsals for upcoming performances are needed. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility in upholding the quality and integrity of our training while respecting these holidays.

**SIBA reserves the right to implement any necessary modifications to the program as required.

***The "Additional Dance Science" unit is scheduled during a designated time slot on one weekday each month, aligning with our comprehensive training program.





  • Training Experience: Applicants should have a solid foundation with at least 3 years of consistent training in ballet, modern, or contemporary dance, demonstrating a commitment to their craft.

  • Age Criteria: The program welcomes dancers aged 14 and above who are ready to take their dance education to a professional level. "Dance Vision" is specifically designed to support the growth of young talents aged 14 to 17 and also caters to adults 17 and older, ensuring a mature and focused learning environment.

  • Creative Mindset: Candidates should possess a fervent desire for creative exploration, showcasing a willingness to dive into innovative movement forms and choreographic concepts.

  • Professional Ambition: A clear aspiration towards a professional career in dance is essential. We seek individuals who are not only passionate about dance as an art form but are also considering it as a viable and fulfilling career path.



  • Program Levels: "Dance Vision" caters to intermediate and advanced dancers, providing a structured environment that offers personalized attention and guidance tailored to each dancer's skill level and aspirations.

  • Program Availability: To fully immerse in the "Dance Vision" experience, participants are expected to commit to a structured 5-day training regimen each week. This schedule is complemented by selective weekend sessions in specific months. The 2024-2025 Full-Year Program will culminate in the annual SIBA Summer Dance Intensive "Phoenix 2025" and Dance Gala "Spotlight 2025."

  • The 2024-2025 Full-Year Program:

    • Begins on September 16, 2024.
    • Concludes in August 2025 with the Summer Dance Intensive "Phoenix 2025."​
  • Application Deadline: None. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until the program is full.


Standard Quarterly Fee


The 2024-2025 Full-Year Program


1680 Euros
billed quarterly (every 3 months) - 4 bills total


  • Further Information: Detailed instructions regarding payment methods and deadlines will be provided following enrollment confirmation.

DANCE VISION 2024/2025

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