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Lay the groundwork for the next generation's luminaries in dance with "First Step"—a program meticulously crafted to hone fundamental techniques and core movements. This initiative is designed to illuminate the path for young aspirants, guiding them through the essential steps of their dance voyage.



The 2024-2025 Full-Year Program:

  • Begins on September 16, 2024.




Beginner & Intermediate



This program covers essential dance concepts such as alignment, balance, and musicality, crucial for excelling in both ballet and contemporary dance forms.


Students will delve into the fundamental techniques and principles of ballet, establishing a strong foundation for their dance education.


Students are introduced to the expressive world of contemporary dance, expanding their artistic expression and versatility.


Dieses Programm befasst sich mit wesentlichen Tanzkonzepten wie Ausrichtung, Balance und Musikalität, die für die Exzellenz in Ballett und zeitgenössischem Tanz unerlässlich sind.


Focusing on physical conditioning and flexibility, this crucial aspect of the curriculum is designed to build strength, enhance agility, and prevent injuries, ensuring the longevity of a dancer's career.


"Dance Fundamentals: First Step" marks a significant milestone in SIBA's esteemed history of cultivating dance talent in Austria. This program emerges from a visionary intent to seamlessly connect beginner dancers to the professional realm. "First Step" establishes a solid foundation for young aspirants aged 9 to 13, guiding them towards excellence and creativity in dance. "Dance Fundamentals: First Step" and the "Dance Vision" Professional Program herald the inception of our all-encompassing dance education for the 2024-2025 academic year, starting this September. Designed for those dedicated to dance as their professional calling, these programs provide in-depth training and readiness for the wide array of career opportunities available in the upcoming school year.

*Participants under 18 years of age must have consent from their legal guardians.



At the core of "First Step" is a holistic curriculum designed to introduce young dancers to the fundamental aspects of dance, setting a solid foundation for their future progression in the art. This program integrates ballet and contemporary dance, emphasizing technical skill, artistic expression, and physical resilience.

Rooted in Excellence: Since its inception, SIBA has been at the forefront of dance education, with "First Step" embodying our commitment to foundational training. This program, inspired by our flagship "Dance Vision," integrates the core principles of ballet and contemporary dance, tailored to engage and inspire young minds.

Shaping Future Stars: Our alumni are a testament to the transformative power of "First Step." Graduates have gone on to pursue successful careers in dance, both nationally and internationally, contributing to the program's reputation as a cradle of professional talent.

Forward-Looking: As we look to the future, "First Step" is poised for exciting developments. Our curriculum continuously evolves, integrating the latest in dance pedagogy, health and wellness insights, and artistic trends. We are dedicated to expanding our reach, embracing technology and innovative teaching methods to make dance education more accessible and impactful.

Join the Legacy: Enrolling in "First Step" is more than just joining a program; it's becoming part of a legacy. It's an opportunity to contribute to the ever-evolving story of dance, guided by SIBA's expertise and passion for the art form. As we continue to evolve, we invite you to be a part of this journey, shaping the future of dance one step at a time.


  • Core Dance Concepts & Body Conditioning: This comprehensive module focuses on the foundational pillars of dance such as alignment, balance, and musicality, crucial for mastery across ballet and contemporary styles. Simultaneously, it emphasizes conditioning and flexibility through targeted exercises. Students enhance their physical resilience and grace, ensuring a robust, sustainable, and injury-free dance journey. This dual approach enriches their understanding and execution of dance's diverse spectrum.

    • 2 units per week are offered for both Module 1 and Module 2.

  • Ballet Mastery & Technique: Delving deep into ballet's rich heritage, this segment offers an immersive exploration of its core techniques and timeless principles. Students build a robust balletic foundation, critical for their holistic dance development.

    • Choose 1 unit per week for Module 1, or 2 units per week for Module 2.

  • Contemporary Dance Exploration: This segment invites students into the dynamic realm of contemporary dance. Through this introduction, learners embrace a broader palette of artistic expression, pushing the boundaries of traditional dance forms.

    • ​Choose 1 unit per week for Module 1, or 2 units per week for Module 2.

*Please be aware that SIBA reserves the right to make any necessary modifications to the program as required.



Welcoming All Young Enthusiasts:

  • No Experience Necessary: For children aged 9-13 interested in dance, prior experience is not a barrier. SIBA is committed to nurturing every child's curiosity and love for dance, offering a welcoming space for first steps and exploration.

What We Look For:

  • A Heart for Dance: More than anything, we seek students with a spark for dance and a keenness to embark on this exciting journey. The passion and willingness to learn are the keys to unlocking a world of possibilities in dance.

  • Supportive Environment: At SIBA, we understand that every child's interest in dance is a unique journey. We're here not just to teach but to support, guide, and inspire our students every step of the way.

Growth and Progression:

  • Personalized Journey: We recognize that growth in dance is personal and varied. Our approach to monitoring progress is gentle yet thorough, ensuring that every student receives the support they need to flourish.

  • Encouraging Milestones: Through friendly semester evaluations and an end-of-year showcase rather than a strict exam, we celebrate each student's progress. This positive reinforcement helps in building confidence and prepares them for the possibility of joining our "Dance Vision" Professional Program, should they choose to pursue dance more seriously. At SIBA, it's all about helping our students find their path in the world of dance, with joy and creativity leading the way.



Empowering Young Dancers:

At SIBA, we believe in fostering the flames of passion for dance within our youngest students. "First Step" is meticulously designed to provide a nurturing ground for beginners, combining the rigor of dance training with the care and support needed to thrive.

Harmonizing Commitments:

Understanding the importance of a well-rounded childhood, our program is structured to complement academic responsibilities, ensuring students can excel in both their studies and dance.

2024-2025 Full-Year Program Schedule:

  • Begins on September 16, 2024.

  • Weekday Schedule:

    • Module 1: Consists of 4 units, spread over 2 weekdays each week.
    • Module 2: Comprises 6 units, distributed across 3 weekdays each week.
      • Our comprehensive curriculum covers essential aspects of dance education, blending core dance concepts, body conditioning, ballet mastery, and contemporary dance exploration.

Supportive Environment:

  • Personalized Guidance: Our dedicated instructors provide tailored feedback, ensuring each student's needs and potential are recognized and nurtured.

  • Progressive Learning: With a focus on incremental growth, "First Step" prepares students for the eventual transition to more advanced programs like "Dance Vision", setting the stage for a future in professional dance.

  • Community and Collaboration: We encourage a sense of camaraderie among our students, fostering an environment where young dancers can grow not only in skill but also in confidence and teamwork.

Join "First Step" to embark on a comprehensive dance journey, where each step is a leap towards mastery, creativity, and the joy of dance. Our program is thoughtfully designed to inspire, challenge, and support young dancers as they take their first steps in the world of dance.


Module 1:

Consists of 4 units,

spread over 2 weekdays each week


220 Euros

billed over 12 months

Module 2:

Comprises 6 units,

distributed across 3 weekdays each week


285 Euro

billed over 12 months


  • Further Information: Detailed instructions regarding payment methods and deadlines will be provided following enrollment confirmation.



​​Please bring the necessary and sufficient dancewear for the dance training and rehearsals consisting of ballet and contemporary dance. For example: leotards, tights, leg warmers, ballet slippers, t-shirts, dance pants, shoes for musical or jazzy dance (if have any).

FIRST STEP 2024/2025

Date of Birth
By selecting one of the following options, I confirm my application for the "First Step" Dance Fundamentals Program:
Module 1: 4 weekly units of foundational dance training and related sessions, at a monthly cost of 220 euros.
Module 2: 6 weekly units of foundational dance training and related sessions, at a monthly cost of 285 euros.

Note: The actual number of monthly training units may vary slightly due to public holidays when classes are not in session and no make-up days are scheduled.

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