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Founded in 2004 by the renowned Prof. Peter Breuer, SIBA - Salzburg International Ballet Academy stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of dance. Prof. Breuer, the esteemed Principal and Artistic Advisor of the Salzburg Ballet at the State Theatre of Salzburg, and Resident Choreographer of the Europaballett St. Pölten, along with the Academy's Deputy Director Cristina Uta and Program Manager Shang-Jen Yuan, have been instrumental in shaping the academy's vision and curriculum.

Over the years, our programs have been enriched by master classes from iconic figures in the dance world, such as Maya Plisetskaya, Cynthia Gregory, and Ildiko Pongor. These opportunities have provided our students with unparalleled insights into the artistry and discipline of dance art, enhancing the depth and quality of our educational offerings.

At SIBA, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of programs designed to cater to every aspect of a dancer's development. From the foundational "First Step" in our Dance Fundamental program to the advanced "Dance Vision" in our Professional Program, each offering is crafted to elevate the skills and artistry of our students.


Our "Coaching for Excellence" weekend program provides an enriching opportunity for dancers to refine their technique and broaden their dance knowledge in a dynamic setting. Meanwhile, the "ChoreoCraft" program offers a personalized approach, allowing dancers to explore bespoke choreography and receive individualized coaching, fostering their creative expression.


The "Mindful Motion" program integrates the principles of somatics and wellbeing, emphasizing the importance of the mind-body connection through disciplines such as Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi, thus nurturing the holistic health of our dancers.


Our acclaimed "Summer Dance Intensive: Phoenix" has been reimagined to offer an immersive experience that ignites passion and accelerates the growth of our dancers, preparing them for the professional stage.


Culminating our yearly calendar is the "Spotlight" Dance Gala, a celebration of the artistic journey and achievements of our dedicated dancers, showcasing their talent and hard work to a global audience.


At SIBA, our mission extends beyond dance education; we are committed to creating high-caliber artistic productions featuring international talent, thereby sharing these profound artistic journeys with the world. Our holistic approach ensures that every dancer, regardless of their stage in their dance journey, finds a program that resonates with their aspirations and goals, making SIBA a nurturing ground for the next generation of dance professionals.

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