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SIBA's Summer Dance Intensive: "PHOENIX" unfolds over an immersive 2 to 3 weeks on-site, encompassing a wide array of dance techniques, repertoire/variations workshops, and tailored guidance. Our mission is to plunge young dance artists into a theatrical work milieu, meticulously simulating the operations of a professional dance company. This provides them with a tangible perspective of what it's like in the professional dance world, steering them toward decisions that align seamlessly with their career objectives. The program culminates in 2 to 3 gala performances, a testament to the progress and achievements of the participants throughout the program. All sessions, be it classes or rehearsals, convene in the scenic backdrop of Salzburg, Austria. There's an option for on-campus accommodation*.


In 2023, SIBA has been expanding its outreach, embracing dancers from a medley of backgrounds. We are staunch proponents of the notion that current theatrical dance thrives on adaptability, harmoniously blending "the bedrock of ballet with the dynamism of contemporary dance."


SIBA extends an invitation to dancers aged 14** and over, contingent upon them having at least 3 years of consistent training. The Summer Dance Intensive PHOENIX bifurcates into Intermediate and Advanced tiers, each helmed by our distinguished faculty. Both tiers engage in ballet, modern, contemporary, and hip-hop dance, supplemented with in-depth coaching that resonates with the nuances of the modern theatrical dance arena.


*Limited accommodation available. Early payments receive priority.

**Dancers under 16 years of age must have consent from their legal guardians.

Kindly note: Program specifics may undergo adjustments to ensure continued relevance and adaptability in changing scenarios.

Provisional Program Dates for the Incoming PHOENIX 2024:

August 11-30, 2024


SIBA's Summer Dance Intensive PHOENIX 2024 contains the following daily curriculum:​

  • ballet technique,

  • modern dance technique,

  • contemporary dance technique,

  • hip-hop dance technique,

  • workshops/rehearsals on various dance repertoires/variations, and

  • in-depth coaching.


Stay tuned: Details about PHOENIX 2024 will be published in November 2023.

Swan Lake by Peter Breuer
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